Choose Your Goal


Lanera’s day job as a specialty shop proprietor in the city of Nerendal is, in her mind, an ideal cover. Few customers enter the store. And those that do aren’t there for the sparse wares stocked on the shelves. The store’s real purpose is to act as a place for her to meet clients about new jobs and opportunities. She is an expert at outlining and executing high stakes, dangerous plans.

One day, a client comes in and needs her particular skillset to infiltrate a corrupt governor’s mansion and obtain evidence to prove his guilt on a variety of criminal charges. Choose this goal to organize Lanera’s assault on the mansion.


Lanera is responsible for transporting the Sigil of Taurus – a powerful magical artifact – from one kingdom to another. Its transfer of ownership is part of a larger effort to bring peace between two nations. But such a potent artifact also brings the attention of bandits, thieves, and other ne’er-do-wells looking to use it for their own nefarious plots.

A series of setbacks on the journey cause Lanera to take shelter in a small house. With bandits closing in, choose how she protects herself and keeps the sigil from falling into the wrong hands.


One of Lanera’s oldest friends and mentor, Bronwin, approaches her with a monumental task. He is trying to overthrow an evil dictator in the kingdom of Skrell, a desert paradise across the sea. While he and his cohorts wage war on the dictator’s operations, Lanera is responsible for orchestrating a “hearts and minds” campaign from within the kingdom. Choose this goal to help Bronwin and gain the favor of the people of Skrell.


While walking in the streets of Nerendal, a young girl tries to pick Lanera’s pockets. Lanera allows this intrusion to happen and tails the girl through the alleyways to her home, a hovel on a barren street.

Reminded of her own upbringing on the streets, Lanera approaches the girl. Though timid at first, she eventually talks to Lanera and accepts her offer of a home and training in the art of the Rogue. Choose this goal to choose how Lanera trains the girl and gives back to someone similar to herself.