Choose Your Goal


During an evening meditation, Eraminus directs Killian to the town of Folston Ridge, a dwarven mining colony nestled within the caves of the Scabbard Mountains. A fellow worshiper of Eraminus seeks aid to quell the restless citizens of the colony. The worshiper, Julietta, fears that without the guiding hand of a powerful cleric the colony may be overrun with internal turmoil. Choose this goal to help Killian organize and bring about positive change in the town of Folston Ridge.


The followers of Eraminus in the town of Brandiloch are being persecuted and driven out of their home. You have been tasked with guiding and protecting them on their journey through the wilds of the realm to reach Nerendal, where they can worship whomever they wish in peace. Choose this goal to help Killian protect the congregation.


The distant nation of Skrell recently overthrew a vicious dictator – power has been restored to the people as a democracy. Old rules against worship of various gods have been abolished, and Eraminus would like you to travel to Skrell to spread the teachings of light and life to the newly freed citizens. Choose this goal to travel to Skrell and show its residents the power of Eraminus.


Once every hundred years, the gods that control the realm host a tournament of champions. Each god chooses a mortal to represent them in honorable combat and other challenges. Eraminus has chosen Killian to participate in this tournament. The god that has given him so much is now asking for the favor to be returned, and Killian doesn’t hesitate to give it his all for his patron. Choose this goal to help Killian fight in the tournament as a favor and gift to his chosen deity.