Witten Financial’s unique process builds from one stage to the next, giving a client actionable advice each step of the way on the road to financial independence. The four stages of our process are:



Before building wealth, it is important to organize what already exists. Without a budget or good spending habits, it is next to impossible to suggest an investment strategy. That’s why our first step involves the organization of your daily finances. Common strategies include:

  • Budgeting and coaching
  • Financial planning
  • Savings automation


After your savings and organizational strategies are in place, we work to protect what you already have. Having a sturdy foundation in place will allow you to grow your wealth with confidence. Common strategies for this step include:

  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Insurance
  • Debt management and reduction


With a strong financial foundation, we can turn our attention to growing your wealth for future use. The most common concern facing clients today is the fear or retirement, or more specifically, the fear of not being able to retire comfortably. We work together to solve this and other concerns. Common strategies include:

  • Investment analysis
  • Investment management
  • Asset allocation


As you grow your wealth, you may be in a position to give back to your community, your loved ones, or a charity of your choice. During the Give phase of our service, we consult with you to see how you can donate your talents and money while planning for the future. Common strategies include:

  • Succession planning
  • Philanthropy coaching
  • Estate gifting