Choose Your Goal


Scarathorn’s proficiency in the arcane has always bred imitators and competitors. Every generation, an eager youth seeks to test his mettle against the grand wizard in the form of a public exhibition of ancient magics. Choose this goal to help Scarathorn plan and organize his way through the latest of such challenges, created by a young wizard called Theranus the Unseen.


Scarathorn’s studies lead him across the realm to many forgotten libraries and ruins. In one such temple of knowledge, he reads an ancient text that describes the Day of Reckoning, a world ending event where the planet is absorbed by an extra dimensional plane. The text outlines three Signs of Reckoning that will herald the arrival of this calamity. Scarathorn is horrified as he recognizes the first two as recent unexplained phenomena observed in the world.

With the third Sign fast approaching, choose this goal to help Scarathorn protect the world from the Day of Reckoning.


The secret to Scarathorn’s longevity and prowess at wizardry lies on the Isle of Glass. A small volcanic island in the middle of the ocean, this little known and rarely visited heap of rock is a cold, uninviting place. In Scarathorn’s youth, he was the sole survivor of a shipwreck and crash landed on this island.

Hiding in an underground cave for warmth, the young Scarathorn was shocked to find manmade passageways and structures in the cave. He followed the path and discovered a library filled with tombs on magic, sorcery, and secrets of the past. He taught himself magic through these texts, and every year returns to the Isle of Glass to practice his skills, revitalize his mind, and learn new spells. Choose this goal to decide what Scarathorn will do at his yearly retreat.


Scarathorn’s antisocial tendencies have been a hallmark of his personality nearly all of his adult life. But well into his third century of life, he knows that in order to let his knowledge carry on after his eventual death, he will need to teach others what he knows.

Scarathorn moves to the town of Nerendal and begins soliciting his prowess as a magical scholar and teacher, hiding his true identity to avoid undue attention. A number of young, eager students express interest in learning the ways of magic. Choose this goal to help Scarathorn teach others how to harness arcane power.