Choose Your Goal


Valendir has pledged his blade to Lord Gamoran, the governor of Holden’s Roost, a mining town nestled in a small valley surrounded by high mountains. To better defend Holden’s Roost from attack from ravagers and barbarians, Gamoran has tasked Valendir with organizing a militia for the town. Choose this goal and decide how Valendir will handle different scenarios involving the allocation of resources, supplies, and individuals that are integral to the defense of Holden’s Roost.


The wilds surrounding Holden’s Roost present dangers for even the most hardened of adventurer. Valendir was surprised to find two children abandoned in a dilapidated forest shack while returning from battle in a neighboring town. Aren and Judeth, ages 5 and 9 respectively, said they started playing at the edge of the forest but got lost when Aren ran away from Judeth. They had just found the shack when you came along. Choose this goal and decide how Valendir will protect the children from harm while navigating through the forest and back to Holden’s Roost.


Valendir was trained by the Knights of Reckoning, an ancient order devoted to maintaining justice within the realm. Each year he returns to the Knights’ home of Wrencliff to train with his mentors and hone new skills. Choose this goal and decide what Valendir does to grow and become a stronger fighter.


Helping the less fortunate is one of Valendir’s core values. When he encounters the village of Mordren, a town devastated by war and famine, he decides to stay as long as he needs to help the villagers rebuild their ruined homes. Choose this goal decide where Valendir lends his talents across the town.